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Beary Bakery Wooden Coasters

Beary Bakery Wooden Coasters

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Beary's Bakery is opened for business! Pair this coaster with your favourite loaf of bread and the cosiest mug of hot choco!

Size: 10cm x 10cm x 0.9cm
Material: Beech Wood


*Please take note all of our wooden coasters are made of natural materials, this means that the colour, grain and texture of each piece is different from one another. The actual product may not be in the exact same colour and texture as pictured and it is inevitable that certain coasters may have slight marks or discolouration due to its natural origin. 

Care instructions:

Please do not soak or drench coasters in water. For heavy condensation drinks, do place a piece of tissue between coaster and drink to avoid soaking coaster excessively. Do also place coaster at areas with sufficient sunlight and ventilation. 

Please try not to let water stay or seep into the coasters. Exposure to water for a prolonged period may lead to growth of mold. 

Shipping Policy

Beary's shipping team will ship your order within 10 business days. For more information on shipping durations, please check out our Shipping Info.

Refunds and Return Policy

We hope you love your Beary goodies! However, if you happen to receive a package with:

- Faulty items
- Missing items

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unfortunately, as we are a small business, we do not provide refunds or returns for lost mails, wrong addresses, disliking of product upon receipt or change of mind.

The Beary's Promise

All goodies from Beary's Little Family are designed with love and utmost care. We promise to ensure that all goodies are packed and designed to ensure maximum joy!

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