Enamel Pin Grading Guide


Here's a little grading guide of how we grade our enamel pins. We have 2 grades: Standard and B-grade. Every pin is carefully inspected before we pack and mail them to you! :-)

Enamel pins are individually handmade babies and will never be entirely perfect! Here are some ways we differentiate our Standard and B-grade pins:

Standard Pins:

These are pins that are almost perfect, but may still contain slight imperfections. If you do get a perfect pin, you’re a lucky one!

Some examples of imperfections include (but are not limited to):

  • Little imperfections in the metal plating/enamel.
  • Light scratches on metal plating.
  • Tiny chips on the metal plating. 
  • Tiny pores or dust on enamel.
  • Minor areas of mis- or uneven fillings.
  • Minor imperfections in screen-printed details.
  • Tiny speckles or dots on enamel.
  • Tiny spots or marks on pin.

B-Grade Pins:

These are pins that has very obvious defects and imperfections. And hence are sold at a cheaper price. These pins are perfect for external use like pinning them on bags or jackets.

Some examples of imperfections include (but are not limited to):

  • Underfilled/non filled areas.
  • Large or multiple specks of dust or pores.
  • Large scratches or marks on enamel/metal backing.
  • Obviously chipped off enamel or metal.
  • Obvious paint smudges.
  • Multiple metal chippings.
  • Loose back posts.


And that's all! :-) I hope this guide helps you make a better decision on choosing the type of pin you should purchase! 

If you have further questions, feel free to say hi at littlehecki@gmail.com. :-)