🍃 About Us 🍃

Hi there!

I’m Ying (short for Ying Ying) and I’m the creator of Beary’s Little Family! I started my little art stint back in 2020 during the pandemic to practice on my illustration skills and have since founded my favourite bear - Beary! 

Since then, I’ve expanded Beary’s family to include a Bunny, some birbs and a little Wormy Boi. I am very much a family person so I aim to incorporate the familial warmth and cosiness of Beary’s Family into our little brand. And at the same time, bring a touch of joy and happiness into your life through our characters! ☀️

I’ve been creating merch for Beary’s Family for close to a year now and I enjoy every minute of it! (Especially knowing that you like our little goodies too!) It’s an absolute dream and I am thankful for every minute of it. I hope I’ll get to create more cute art and goodies in the years to come! 💕

Wishing you a truly wonderful stay here! 


Much Love, Ying & Beary’s Family.